Brilliantly British – Libby by Boden

About two weeks ago, while walking around during my lunch break, I saw a lady with a green sweater dress and boots.  I liked the silhouette of the dress but could not quite figure out its designer.  When I went home that evening, the Boden catalog was waiting for me with a gift card and…a picture of the Libby dress…the same exact dress I saw earlier during the day!  Now, no shopping fairy or any such superstition.  Simple coincidence ….and inconvenience for my wallet…but I digress.

The dress arrived, the color is the same gorgeous green as seen on the website.  The dress is made of 90% of a sturdy cotton, with a flare line.  The fit is true-to-size running a little big, and the tall length still did not fully hit my knees but the dress looks decent. Pictures below, let me know what you think!

boden_libby_sweater_dress_27sept13 boden_green_dress_27sept13_1

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10 thoughts on “Brilliantly British – Libby by Boden

  1. I really like this dress- the color, the pleats, and the barely visible double set hemming trim, if I am using the right terminology 🙂

  2. I think the color looks amazing on you, but honestly, I would size up one size. The shoulder line is a bit too narrow and the waist would sit a little lower on a slightly bigger dress.

    I have the Libby in the navy stripe and love it, but I did end up exchanging my usual size for one larger. I didn’t feel there was a huge amount of difference in the sizes, but the larger one defitely had a much longer torso and a little bit more overall length.

    This had to be the most comfy dress ever. It feels just like a sweatshirt.

    1. Hi kit’s mommy. Thank you for your honest feedback.

      I agree with you on the shoulder a little narrow and the high waist. However, with one size up from the one pictured, I was floating at the bottom and didn’t like the look. Yes, it is a pretty color, and since it’s a sweater dress that I do not plan to wear over a shirt, I’m hoping the fit is still decent though not perfect. Thanks for your review!!

  3. Hi, what a great review. 🙂 I love the color, it reminds me so much of the Audrey dress I have in the same shade from last year. I would love to include your review in my Boden Weekly Review Roundup, but I never include reviews unless I have permission from the author, so let me know!

    My last BWRR was here so you can take a look if you would like…

    The tag BWRR takes you to all of the ones that have ever been written (have been doing these posts since 2011)…

    1. Also, I think the sizing looks fine on you. I can see where a size up would give you a lower waistline, but I think with your figure a bigger skirt wouldn’t be nearly as darling, so I say keep the size you bought!

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