Weekend outfit: Kiernan, Cyan Blue and Flaming Red


skirt and boots

Here, paired with two pastels: cyan blue (an old H&M sweater) and flame (… I know, really).  Purchased the Collection floral brocade skirt from J.Crew on popback last winter, but available in factory version here (much shorter as well).

I was not too crazy about the shape of this skirt initially but it has grown on me (a fitted top balances out the wide bottom in my opinion). The colors of the skirt are gorgeous in real life, not sure if the factory version lives up to the retail colors, but if you own the factory version, please share your review!

2 thoughts on “Weekend outfit: Kiernan, Cyan Blue and Flaming Red

  1. Oh, I am a huge fan of this outfit. The skirt is a puffy one, for sure, but think of all those skirts from the 50s! This one is paling in comparison to those, lol. 🙂

    The colors are the best part, though, and now I wish I had considered that skirt last year, it looks so good in real life (didn’t like it at the website at all).

    So my dad just returned from Nigeria, he was there teaching some classes, and he brought me and my stepmom the most glorious African textiles, beautifully printed on very thick, well made cotton. I am definitely going to be referring to your posts for inspiration, so thank you for your series on African fashion. 🙂

    1. Wonderful! Glad that you like the posts, I’ll try my best to share even more outfits and designers. There are some with a Boden vibe, so when I get the time off from work, I’ll definitely put some pictures together 😉

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