Review: Madewell pleated skirt in stripe

Have had this pleated skirt in stripe from Madewell for a few months ago, purchased during one of the extra off sale.  I have paired it with a red belt and the J.Crew pleated lace-stripe silk shirt also worn here.

Review of the Madewell skirt below.

review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_4 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_3 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_2 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_1

Pros: comfortable, loving the stripes, the subtle pleats, the tiny waist straps for the belt, the A-line is cute and the length is decent

Cons: A little puffy which results in a faux-belly look

Fit: true-to-size to slightly large

Material: combination of linen and silk

Sissi’s verdict: keeper!

Do you agree? Please share!  The skirt is also reviewed by One More Shopping Blog.

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