Review: H&M Circle Skirt

Ahhhh, this H&M…we started off a great friendship, prices were reasonable, items were of good quality (mostly cotton and sometimes great wool and leather) and length was decent.  Then, it all changed for a wave of polyester and very short skirts and dresses even my baby sister could not wear them!  However, once in a while, the store offers great items, such as this circle skirt.

IMG_6508 IMG_6507 IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6501

Pros: Looks sturdy (mix of poly and cotton), great length, pockets, versatile look

Cons: higher concentration of polyester than cotton 😉

Material: 30% cotton and 70% poly

Fit: True-to-size. The skirt takes the waist very well then flares up on the bottom.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper!

Do you agree? Please share!

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