Review: Ivoire by Tracy Reese

Yesterday, I stopped by Anthropologie and saw this dress on sale.  Well, it ended up not being on sale at all despite the stickers, but if you are considering, my review below.

Sissi’s Review


WhatIvoire Dress by Tracy Reese at Anthropologie

Material: 100% Cotton outer, 100% poly lining

Quality: Good, I particularly love the lace details and the back opening.  Anthropologie is offering a modified version of the dress in blue HERE (Azure dress)

Fit: Comfortable. Loving the short sleeves.  The dress has lots of flare so that could hide hips and belly.  Otherwise, you can use a belt. The dress falls above my knees so on regular size I’d say it would reach the knees or be slightly above the knees.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper…but I will wait for sale because am on budget 🙂 Have you tried on the dress? Please share!

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