Review: silk georgette lace blouse

The blouse was on my watchlist and I could not wait to try on the ‘shell pink’ color.  My review below:

What: Silk georgette lace blouse by J.Crew

Season: Winter 2014

Material: 100% silk

Quality: Good, the silk is soft as expected.  The lace detailings are nice and a feminine touch to the blouse.

Fit: If you are a tall girl, I recommend to size up to get some length of the sleeves,  Otherwise, true-to-size.


Sissi’s verdict: Wait for major sale. It looks like the white color has been a hot item online, I prefer the soft pink (probably because I have enough white silk shirts to justify the purchase of another white blouse). However, as nice as this is, I will wait for another price cut, but that’s just me 🙂

Do you have this blouse? Please share!

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