Review: Zara Poncho Coat

I saw this beauty a few weeks back, very up to trend with the wave of poncho coats seen lately on the blog-o-sphere 🙂 Review below!


WhatPoncho Coat by Zara

Season: Winter 2014

Material: Wool blend outer, polyester lining

ebeandi_zara_coat_poncho_3 ebeandi_zara_coat_poncho_2

Quality: Very good! The style is very well executed, just love it especially for the price.  However, there is no large size for this coat (why!!???!!).  As a result, the shoulders were a little too tight on me, not that noticeable, but hey, anything to make me NOT go over budget 😉 Also, the wool blend may attract more hair and similar elements on your coat, but black coats usually are harder to maintain.  Overall, great job, Zara.

Fit: True-to-size to slightly small if on taller side.  The coat does not come in

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper!! But am on budget for January, so I smiled, tried it on and let it go for the lady next to me (was only one left).

Do you agree with my review? Please share!

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