Designer of week: Gavin Rajah

The BrandGavin Rajah


All pictures on this post are courtesy of Gavin Rajah

The IT Factor: Eclectic

The Inspiration: Nothing much I could find unfortunately. Lots of lace and form fitting outfits, few sarees as well. Not what you expect from a typical “African” designer and I love it, showcasing richness of cultures within the large continent.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0202_GavinRajah_w387_h580-bd03abad34 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0223_GavinRajah_w387_h580-153f457f93

The Designer Behind the Brand: Gavin Rajah, nothing more on him apart for his work for UNICEF per wikipedia

Country of origin: South Africa

Notable Awards: None that I could find

Website:Gavin Rajah

Where to buy:Gavin Rajah

Sissi’s Notes: Wish there were more details on this designer 😦 but some of my favorites below.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0278_GavinRajah_w387_h580-408a350c62 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0249_GavinRajah_w387_h580-45cbedffa8 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0205_GavinRajah_w387_h580-127cb123b4 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0220_GavinRajah_w387_h580-e87559393b

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