A week in Tulum, Mexico

For our first year anniversary, we spent time at the all-inclusive Dreams Tulum Resort on the Riviera Maya in Tulum, Mexico.  The weather is quite hot and humid in Mexico in August but we had a wonderful time nonetheless, enjoyed the food, the beach (despite the irregular surplus of algae) and touring the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza.

chichen_itza_compile6 chichen_itza_compile3 chichen_itza_compile1

Facts I did not know about Tulum, Yucatan/Chichen Itza or Mexico:

  • Life is expensive in Tulum! I could not get breakfast with $4 USD. Have never had such trouble in Philly!
  • Mayans were very smart, pretty impressive how the snake body illuminated on the steps of each of their pyramids, wherever built, on the solstices
  • The belief of life after death has indeed caused many cruel deaths
  • And of course, the mayans have their version of the woman and her seed
  • Cenotes are underground water wells
  • Spent a whole week and did not see a single burrito with rice and beans a la Qdoba. Lots of empanadas, grilled meat, corn meals.  Food tasted so fresh!
  • Authentic Mayans are lactose intolerant and have a birthmark, per our tour guide
  • There’s a colorful pyramid inside the main pyramid at Chichen Itza, the Kulkukan
  • Balam in Yucatan means Tiger….not the Balaam in the bible 🙂

As far as outfits, I stuck with swimsuit, shorts and J.Crew factory tees during the day and Anthropologies dresses at night for dinner.

chichen_itza_compile2 chichen_itza_compile5 chichen_itza_compile4

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