Review: Merino Sweater Dress

A review of this easy merino wool sweater dress by J.Crew

What: Merino Sweater dress by J.Crew


Season: Fall/Winter 2015

Material: 100% wool, no lining

Quality: Excellent! I LOVE this dress and the wool is heavy enough to keep you warm during Winter with a coat or in the Fall by itself; but light enough to pass on a summer day if you had to (and I wore it in the heat of the rainy season in Kinshasa).


Fit: True to size
jcrew_merino_wool_1 jcrew_merino_wool_6 jcrew_merino_wool_4

Pros: The wool, so comfy; the A line that fits well on top and flares out beautifully at bottom. I also LOVE the midi length (really just past my knees)


Cons: Lack of lining which is OK in cold seasons if you have tights or slip dresses. Also the low-cut front may not look as cute as the model if you are a little heavy-chested.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper! There is a promo going on so grab it while you can on your size!

Do you agree? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Review: Merino Sweater Dress

  1. I love this dress on you!! I ordered it when it first came out and sadly it didn’t work for me (I’m too short).

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