Review: Leather lace-up ballet flats

Gladiator with a soft, romantic side….Let’s review these beauties.

What: Leather lace-up ballet flats by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2016

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_6ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_7 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_3

Material: leather outer and lining, man-made sole. The color is a dusty pink, called “pagoda peach”.

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_5 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_4

Quality: Excellent! Very soft leather, laces are long enough to be wrapped around at least twice but I wish the heels had more padding.

Fit: True to size

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_2 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_1

Pros: The pink – pardon me, the pagoda peach – color, so feminine.  I love how the leather feels on the skin as you tie-up the laces and how comfortable the flats are.

Cons: Wear and tear. The heels are not padded and may wear out quickly, which is a shame because I definitely can see myself wearing these beauties a lot.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper.

Do you agree? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Review: Leather lace-up ballet flats

  1. Hi Sissi,

    So glad you’re posting the occasional review – blog posts take so much more time, but I find them more satisfying and like an old friend somehow. I have these too, and I’m undecided about keeping them. I agree, they are well made (though the man made sole had escaped my notice). But I’m just not sure if I’m doing it for the trend, or if they’re really me. Have you worn these out yet?

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