Review: Leather Laces and Eyelets

This was love at first sight…the hot pink was staring back at me, the non-existent heel, the eyelets, the pointed toe and (my favorite part!) the laces to tie…I could almost hear the hot flats sing: “I’m irresistible, buy me!” Well, let’s see how they measure up once worn!

What: Leather eyelet lace-up flats by J.Crew


When: Summer 2016

How: Leather upper and lining, artificial sole, made in Italy


  1. Look: These flats are stunning and the hot pink commands attention and in any other style, would just be too much for me, but here somehow it worked against my dark skin. Note: if you’re shy with fluorescent colors, you may want to settle with the navy flats instead.
  2. Comfort: They are SO comfortable, you forget that you have them on. I love the soft pink lace-up ballets from late spring of this year (see my review here) but I found out after wearing them for the first time that the laces are tied through some metal ringlets and they hurt after a while if tight.  The eyelet flats on the other hand do not suffer from this defect; the leather is smooth and there are no metal ringlets. Read: paradise for feet 🙂
  3. Quality: Top notch, the leather is of quality and the patterns for the eyelets are very well executed.

Why Not: The price…not as vexing as in the past but still pricey.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper! What do you say?


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