Review: Leather, ankle straps and Eyelets

White leather, eyelets, ankle strap and sandals… Another pair of beauties from J.Crew for this summer.

What: Leather eyelet sandals with ankle straps by J.Crew

When: Summer 2016

How: Leather upper and lining, artificial sole, made in Italy

ebelandi_jcrew_eyelet_ankle_strap_sandals_leather_4 ebelandi_jcrew_eyelet_ankle_strap_sandals_leather_3 ebelandi_jcrew_eyelet_ankle_strap_sandals_leather_2


  1. Look: These sandals are very pretty, and cute, and all white that they scream summer outfits. Love the eyelets and the ankle straps!
  2. Comfort: They are comfortable, I feel like my feet came out of the sandals from time to time so maybe I needed a tighter closure at the ankle strap.  Otherwise, I feel the sandals are comfortable and perfect for summer outfits.  They do not offer much heel, as a result, they may get dirty faster. They do offer the higher heeled version here.
  3. Quality: good quality leather, appropriate for the style of sandals. Straps are well done and the eyelets are very well executed (pardon my nails below 🙂 ).

ebelandi_jcrew_eyelet_ankle_strap_sandals_leather_7 ebelandi_jcrew_eyelet_ankle_strap_sandals_leather_6

Why Not: Not much, have read some reviews on the J.Crew website about the stiffness of the leather, but I disagree. While the leather here does not display the softness of the lace-up flats, I still feel it is comfortable to wear.

Sissi’s Verdict: Well, I did not need them but if you are considering, I believe they’re good summer sandals so verdict: Keeper! What do you say?

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