Review: Rhodes pants in Italian wool

Have been wondering why these pants are called Rhodes…At first, I thought they were “rogue” but just my eyes playing with me. Wikipedia states that Rhodes is Greece’s largest Dodecanese island so does this mean the style of the pants should remind us of the Greek island? Or is it the pants are a common street style in Rhodes? ūüė¶ In any case, my review below.


top(J.Crew Fall 2013)/pants/shoes/necklace/belt(old, J.Crew)

What: Rhodes pant in Italian wool by J.Crew

When: Fall 2016

How: Wool (maybe with a hint of stretch?), unlined.

ebelandi_rhodes_review5 ebelandi_rhodes_review6


  1. Look:¬†They remind me of previous wool capri pants by J.Crew though the derriere effect may be slightly different, also a higher waist. Otherwise, very much similar to the cafe capri in wool from three or four years ago. Unless the cafe capris, the Rhodes pants do not come in tall…sad sad, but I think still manageable. It looks shorter on me than the model, but still decent. I LOVE the bright pink, makes me happy ūüôā
    • Cafe capri from back in the days (picture by J.Crew):jcrew_wool_cafe_capri
    • The Rhodes on me:ebelandi_rhodes_review1
  2. Comfort: They are comfortable, wool is not itchy and there seems to be a little stretch to the fabric. They fit true to size.
  3. Quality: Good quality, just beware they are unlined. I personally do not mind it. Also note that the wool feels light so it may work well in Fall but you might need to add a layer for warmth in Winter. I agree with Lauer8816 that they are a good transitional piece from Summer to Fall.

ebelandi_rhodes_review2 ebelandi_rhodes_review3

Why Not: Lack of lining may be a deal breaker but to me the color and style make up for it.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper!! What do you say?

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