Review: Lace-up heels in leopard calf hair

So gorgeous…did not want to take them off.

What: Lace-up heels in leopard calf hair by J.Crew


When: Winter 2016

How (Material): Calf hair upper, leather lining and sole, leather laces


Why (Pros):

  1. Look: Fabulous!!! The leather laces add an extra amount of fierceness. I just LOVE these cuties.ebelandi_laceup_leopard_jcrew_rev2 ebelandi_laceup_leopard_jcrew_rev3
  2. Comfort: Very comfortable, in-the-moment medium heel, leather laces are long but not overwhelming in my opinion.ebelandi_laceup_leopard_jcrew_rev4 ebelandi_laceup_leopard_jcrew_rev5
  3. Quality: Excellent. Similar to the Sofia pumps, patterns do not exactly match due to the nature of the calf hair but very high quality work. Little shedding close to the heel on my pair.ebelandi_laceup_leopard_jcrew_rev6
  4. Sizing: True to size.

Why Not (Cons): The price. I see they are on sale now, so grab them while you can!

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper, if you can afford it! What do you say?

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