Review: Gilded garden skirt

Looks so pretty…my review below:

What: Gilded garden skirt by Hermant & Nandita for Anthropologie

When: Winter 2016

How (Material): wool and polyester mixebelandi_anthropologie_gilded_garden_skirt_1

Why (Pros):

  1. Look: Great! Sparkles with grey/silver undertone, well executed. And the colorful interior is a nice surprise. ebelandi_anthropologie_gilded_garden_skirt_3Anthropologie actually offers few items using the same print as the lining of this gilded skirt. See the Hermant & Nandita line here.
  2. Comfort: Skirt is comfortable, you may want to size up for more room and length (read for taller girls). Otherwise, very cute idea with the side buttons in lieu of a side slit.ebelandi_anthropologie_gilded_garden_skirt_6
  3. Quality: Very good. Substantial material, it look and feels expensive due to the metallic floral embroidery and the button-slit opening. Great job!
  4. Sizing: Smug fit in my opinion so you may want to size up for more room and length if you’re on the taller side.ebelandi_anthropologie_gilded_garden_skirt_7

Why Not (Cons): The price. Everything has gotten expensive at Anthro lately, but I have to admit the quality and craftsmanship in this skirt may justify its price. Well put together.ebelandi_anthropologie_gilded_garden_skirt_2

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper, if you can afford it! What do you say?

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