Review: Huxley Bootie

I love booties and Tory Burch offers some of the highest quality leather boots so I was very excited to see the Huxley on sale. I ordered both colors and am undecided as to which to keep, help me!

What: Huxley booties by Tory Burch

When: Winter 2016

How (Material): Leather upper, lining and sole


Why (Pros):

  1. Look: The shaft is higher than typical ankle booties, but I love the masculine almost military-like accent, as well as the zipper and tassel combo. The Tory Burch product description states that the inspiration was Spanish riding boots, so I googled to find what those look like and…you’ll see that zipper and tassels reign supreme too 🙂 Back to the Huxley booties, I love the heel, it’s a moon-shaped heel, very different from anything else I own.
    ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_19ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_16 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_10 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_9
  2. Comfort: The heel is manageable at a little below 4 inches, but the shape makes it feel much higher on your feet, especially if you keep worn over 4 hours. Felt sore afterwards so may need to add pads.  Also, the longer ankle shaft adds a discomfort due to the gap at between the ankle and the sole. I think this could be alleviated with socks…will give it a try.
    ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_14 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_15
  3. Quality: Excellent, though the brown color had some discoloration (dark brown patches) on the leather… This may just be the nature of the leather when processed but it was noticeable up close. Not so much in the black leather one. Also I find the golden zipper on the brown booties to be more attractive than the regular black zipper on the black version. However, the black pair would go a longer way I feel… Decision, decision.
    ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_13 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_5 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_6ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_17
  4. Sizing: True to size.ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_7

Why Not (Cons): The price… even on sale, Tory Burch is still pricey though the quality is worth it.

Quick note on packaging: You gotta love the attention to details with Tory Burch. A thank you card, the receipt in its own envelop and the gorgeous packaging. Yes, well worth the money for this great customer service.ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_2 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_3 ebelandi_tory_huxley_booties_4

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper but am undecided, black or brown? Help please!

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