Review: Wool, bling and a sweater

A week ago, I woke up at 4AM, begged for a ride to the closest Greyhound station, waited 30 minutes for a late Greyhound bus and ended up in NYC at 7AM, sixth in line (in freezing weather may I add) for the opening of the J.Crew sample sale.ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_1 ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_2 ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_4ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_3

Five hours later, I came out of the store with cute finds, new “sample shopper friends” and a few dollars less in my purse.
ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_5I’ve already shared previous sample sale shopping experience on this blog before. As always, the moment I always find enticing is when you “discover” one-of-a-kind items that are not quite the final production apparel available in the regular stores.

This trip, I found a cute jeweled sweater. Little did I know that the sweater has been offered in retail stores in a different color (see it on Jcrewismyfavstore). My review below:

What: Jeweled wool back-zip sweater by J.Crew

When: Winter 2016 (I think)

How (Material): 100% wool, no lining.


Why (Pros):

  1. Look: Cute sweater, the jewels at the shoulders add a nice sparkle and “rock star” vibe. AM particularly fond of the back zipper. If you’ve been following my blog, you must have noticed that I do have a secret crush on back zippers and back buttons. They add so much personality to the simplest apparel. Here, I particularly appreciate the color combination: grey with tan/light brown and the rich blue zipper…am in love 🙂
  2. Comfort: Very comfy. Wool is not itchy though a little rough to the touch.
  3. Quality: Good. Wool is very similar to the simple back-zip sweater offered in Fall (am guessing they will behave similarly after a wash but I’ll report back if not)ebelandi_jcrew_sample_nyc_nov16_9sweater/skirt(jcrew, old)/shirt(gap, old)/boots(review)/bag(Florence, IT finding)
  4. Sizing: True to size to slightly large at waist.  The sleeves are short on me and I feel the sweater may be riding a little higher than required on my tall frame, but that is expected every time I wear regular sizes. I’d recommend you consider your normal size, you’ll have room to add a shirt underneath.

Why Not (Cons): Nothing much.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper! What do you say?

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