OI: Snow and rain

Hi all, some outfit ideas from this week.  Lots of rain and snow/sleet here…and it’s getting even colder…I miss Spring! Hope you enjoy the outfits below, and let me know which you like best.


top/sweater/skirt(J.crew, old)/boots (RL, old) — top(J.Crew)/skirt/(H&M)boots(Cole Haan) — top(Gap)/cords(J.Crew)/boots(Hunter)



top(J.Crew)/sweater(Madewell,old)/boots(TB) — skirt(eBelandi)/belt(J.Crew) — top/necklace/skirt(J.Crew,old)

Weekend Outfit: Neutrals in light pink and grey

Hi all! Long time no post! It’s been busy month and will get a lot busier the next two months but will do my best to keep up with the posts. I did promise a review of the tennis dress by the Crew so will make sure to post tomorrow.

For today, below is an outfit inspiration from last weekend…am still on my resolution to pair an all neutral outfit with bright accessories.  In this case, the accessory was a blue Vince Camuto perforated drawstring that I found on the sale rack at Saks few weeks back. I did not take a picture of the bag, but will try to remember to have it as a review series in the coming weeks as well.  In the meantime, there is a writeup on the bag HERE though the color is camel, not blue.

The skirt is the same H&M circle I have reviewed here, but in the pale rose (excuse me…power pink) color. The skirt seems sold out online but you can find it in stores.


Skirt/top (BR, old)/shoes (Saks, old)

I hope you all had a great weekend, and let me know what you think of the combo!

Review: H&M Circle Skirt

Ahhhh, this H&M…we started off a great friendship, prices were reasonable, items were of good quality (mostly cotton and sometimes great wool and leather) and length was decent.  Then, it all changed for a wave of polyester and very short skirts and dresses even my baby sister could not wear them!  However, once in a while, the store offers great items, such as this circle skirt.

IMG_6508 IMG_6507 IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6501

Pros: Looks sturdy (mix of poly and cotton), great length, pockets, versatile look

Cons: higher concentration of polyester than cotton 😉

Material: 30% cotton and 70% poly

Fit: True-to-size. The skirt takes the waist very well then flares up on the bottom.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper!

Do you agree? Please share!