Review: Madewell pleated skirt in stripe

Have had this pleated skirt in stripe from Madewell for a few months ago, purchased during one of the extra off sale.  I have paired it with a red belt and the J.Crew pleated lace-stripe silk shirt also worn here.

Review of the Madewell skirt below.

review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_4 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_3 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_2 review_ebelandi_madewell_pleated_stripe_skirt_1

Pros: comfortable, loving the stripes, the subtle pleats, the tiny waist straps for the belt, the A-line is cute and the length is decent

Cons: A little puffy which results in a faux-belly look

Fit: true-to-size to slightly large

Material: combination of linen and silk

Sissi’s verdict: keeper!

Do you agree? Please share!  The skirt is also reviewed by One More Shopping Blog.

Weekend outfit: Kiernan, Cyan Blue and Flaming Red


skirt and boots

Here, paired with two pastels: cyan blue (an old H&M sweater) and flame (… I know, really).  Purchased the Collection floral brocade skirt from J.Crew on popback last winter, but available in factory version here (much shorter as well).

I was not too crazy about the shape of this skirt initially but it has grown on me (a fitted top balances out the wide bottom in my opinion). The colors of the skirt are gorgeous in real life, not sure if the factory version lives up to the retail colors, but if you own the factory version, please share your review!

Review: Anthropologie in sequins and Modena faux leather

Stopped by Anthropologie to check the sales and tried on two dresses: the Starlit Stripes and the Modena Shift.

First, the Starlit dress:  This sequined dress in blue and black stripes was on my watch list, mainly due to its longer length 😉


Pros: the length!! Perfect for tall girls, may be too long for regular but there is petite version available.  I love the the fit of the sequined top, and the voluminous skirt actually looks pretty nice 🙂

Cons: itchy!!! Uncomfortably itchy I should add…Also, the skirt is a mixture of polyester…for that price, I would gladly pass.

Sissi’s verdict: Will Pass (sad though, really liked the length 😦 )

Next is the faux leather shift dress.


Pros: gorgeous color!! I love the beige/maroon color (the website calls it nude).  Also the contrasting cotton on the back softens the toughness of the faux-leather.  I love the shape as well, similar to a pencil dress.  Nicely pulled together, Anthropologie!

Cons: too short for taller girls. Additionally, I am not crazy about the bulk around the waist, which usually happens with straight dresses…on me at least.

Verdict: Keeper if you are comfortable with the length.

African Print Dress: Sleveless and Blue Sticks

I like to design my own African outfits whenever I purchase material to sew.  Below is a dress made about two years ago that I have only worn for the first time this past weekend (shame 😦 ).  Ironically, the pretty color (blue) matches the Quinn Cuffs from J.Crew (purchased without the dress in mind, and reviewed HERE).  The fabric for my dress is a 100% cotton Super Wax by Vlisco.  If interested in purchasing the same material, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get you connected with local vendor.


Loving the image enhancements from Instagram 😉

For this outfit, I was after a sleeveless figure with large straps and a flowy skirt. Let me know what you think of the dress.

blue_african_print_sleeveless_dress_2dec2013_2 blue_african_print_sleeveless_dress_2dec2013_3 blue_african_print_sleeveless_dress_2dec2013_4