Weekend: Yes, it will get better

As I reminisce about Fall 2013 when I had to force myself to smile so that my baby brother would not get down on himself, I now agree.  Life may get unbearable, sometimes you may feel like you cannot take another day, another hour, another minute. But hang on, just hold on. Time will pass and it will get better.

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Review: Zara Poncho Coat

I saw this beauty a few weeks back, very up to trend with the wave of poncho coats seen lately on the blog-o-sphere 🙂 Review below!


WhatPoncho Coat by Zara

Season: Winter 2014

Material: Wool blend outer, polyester lining

ebeandi_zara_coat_poncho_3 ebeandi_zara_coat_poncho_2

Quality: Very good! The style is very well executed, just love it especially for the price.  However, there is no large size for this coat (why!!???!!).  As a result, the shoulders were a little too tight on me, not that noticeable, but hey, anything to make me NOT go over budget 😉 Also, the wool blend may attract more hair and similar elements on your coat, but black coats usually are harder to maintain.  Overall, great job, Zara.

Fit: True-to-size to slightly small if on taller side.  The coat does not come in

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper!! But am on budget for January, so I smiled, tried it on and let it go for the lady next to me (was only one left).

Do you agree with my review? Please share!

Yellow Coat anyone

I have been eyeing the Lady Day coat in Warm Chartreuse because of the lovely and happy color. Browsing the web, I found a DIY coat made by Beaute J’adore…I like how she is able to sew her own clothes using quality material! Take a look at her blog. My favorite picture from her blog below.  Copyrights Beaute J’adore.

yellow coat6_beuate_jadore

Review: Toggle coat – part 2

Last year, I had purchased the toggle coat in brilliant frame color from the Crew (a review here).  Unfortunately, I had to size up as J.Crew did not offer a tall size.  Well, this year, the toggle coat is back in four colors: navy, henna red, turquoise, navy and olive green. Also, the wool is Melton this time …which appears to be a medium thick wool used for blankets and old military uniforms per this link.

Now, below is a review and if you are interested into purchasing my vibrant flame toggle coat from last fall, email me 😉 Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing the Collection Harper Calf Hair flats by J.Crew. Stay tuned!

Sissi’s Weekly Review – 20th October 2014 2014


What: Melton Toggle coat by J.Crew

Season: Fall 2014

Material: 95% wool and 5% poly outer, 100% poly lining


Quality: Very Good.  The wool is warm and high quality, and slighter thicker than last year’s toggle coat version.  The henna color is a deep orange in my opinion, very autumnal.

Fit: True to size.  The tall size is a much better fit for me, went with my regular tall size and the shoulders are well in place and the hood covers my big head.  The sleeve length is ok, I still feel the sleeves could be longer but this version looks more decent on me than last year’s coat.  Zippers and buttons add to the look.


Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper…the promo is good but you may want to hold for sale, if it lasts.

Review: Lady Day Coat in pretty blue

A quick review of the lady day coat from J.Crew in a pretty vibrant blue (I cannot recall name and it is not available online anymore).  The first picture below shows the texture but does not give the color justice.  I’d say the gorgeous blue is consistent with the second picture.

Pros: pretty color, nice fit, reduced price

jcrew_lady_day_coat_2_ebelandi_27jan14 jcrew_lady_day_coat_ebelandi_27jan14

 Cons: final sale item

Material: mixture of wool and polyester.  I’d say the wool is same as the double-cloth coat

Fit: TTS to slightly small.  The fit is tighter than the double-cloth as the lady day accentuates the waist more.  I went TTS but was advised after my order to size up by the J.Crew Aficionada community. I would say to go with your larger coat size at the crew.  I am OK with my true size but could have gone up as well.  This was final sale so no return.

Sissi’s verdict: keeper! Do you agree? Please share!