Afrique & Fashion: All about the curves (5 Nov 2013)

Updated. Please look at beautiful pictures below courtesy of Ciaa Afrique. Designers are Grace Wallace for Vlisco and Juanjo Oliva Spring/Summer 2010.

In Central Africa, and particularly in Kinshasa where I was raised, the women’s clothing aim to accentuate natural curves, which is where the Lingala expression “Mwasi mwasi se nzoto” comes from.  (Translated to “A Woman is identified by her body” 🙂 ).  Therefore, the fitter the better.  However, clothes are usually not tight because the material would most likely crack…I will be periodically posting on African designers who catch my eyes…Let me know if you have a preferred designer or style you would like me to expand on!

Juanjo Oliva Spring 2010 vlisco-fashion-show-cotonou-sur-ciaafriqur-eloi-sessou