Review: Daisy Dress by BHLDN

As promised on my post last week, below is my review of this pretty dress:



Sissi’s Review

What: Daisy Dress by BHDN

Material: 100% poly outer and lining (booh!)

Quality: Good, the lace is very cute and the design is sturdy. Loving the pink detailing which makes the dress not so wedding-like

Fit: Comfortable. Nice flare and length. It’s a playful dress and looks great when dancing.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper…The dress is on super sale now so you may want to check it out. Have you tried on the dress? Please share!

OI: Beholden Daisy Dress

Do not have a series of outfits to share this week; however, I would recommend the Daisy dress by BHLDN (on sale at the time of this post). Received lots of compliments last week.  I will post a review next Tuesday but it’s a keeper! Below paired with a pink belt and shoes.  Let me know what you think!


dress/pumps (NW, old)/belt (J.Crew, old)

Review: A Tale of Lace Minis – Retail Daisy versus Factory Scalloped Floral

Review of the week are the lace minis from J.Crew.  I had purchased the retail Daisy Lace Mini (I know, short for tall girls) with the intent to adjust it. However, it was too big.  As I was cleaning my closet for a trip to the consignment store, I saw the skirt and decided to part ways with it.  Then I came across the copycat version in the factory store, the Factory Lace Mini in Scalloped Floral (go figure why such a long name for the exact same thing).

Anyway, both skirts look similar to me, with very subtle differences.

IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447 IMG_6448 IMG_6441

The retail version is a softer cotton, and its lace details are slightly more delicate.  The factory version is a brighter white (I would call the retail white as creamy white), and there is a gorgeous poppy red available as well. Bottom line: they look and feel pretty much the same…while the factory skirt is now at half the cost of its retail counterpart…

Pros: gorgeous poppy red, very cute floral details with tulle/organza background

Cons: length…seriously 😦

Fit: True to size, but oh so short!

Material: 100% cotton with polyester tulle/organza at the bottom (underneath the floral details)

Sissi’s verdict: if you can manage the length, check the factory version.

I like how FitFabMom paired hers. You can also look at Simply Lulu’s.