#goals2017 – Day 7: Dots, blue and leopard

Keeping with my theme this week it seems: checked capris, laced leopard shoes and a simple white tee. Day 7 of 365 completed 🙂



And Day 7 is done🙂 …. 358 more days to go!

#goals2017 – Day 6: Dots, blue and leopard

Today’s outfit, all old purchases to keep my resolution for this year. Day 6 so far and going strong (ehhehe let’s see for how long ;-). Forgot to take a full “on” picture though…re-using the shoes and bag from yesterday since they were staring at me…ebelandi_ootd_6jan17

sweater(reviewed by Gigi and Audreybella)/skirt/shoes(sim.)/bag

And Day 6 is done🙂 …. 359 more days to go!

#goals2017 – Day 5: Stripes, tweed and leopard




And Day 5 is done 🙂 …. 360 more days to go!

Rust and a hint of leopard – OI 19 September 2013



On my last trip to the J.Crew factory store, I saw the cute leopard belt on the picture above.  Have paired it with the Frances ruffle cami (Ebay purchase!) and a BCBG sweater.  Let me know what you think by taking the poll below.

My first ever animal print as a teenager was a fabric bag,  a gift from my big sister.  I still have the bag; my sister probably does not remember it but it meant a lot to me at the time.  As much as I hate to admit it, it reminds me of simpler times…

As am typing those words, I can hear Babyface sing in my head: “Remember those simple times of yesterday, when a man was a man and a friend was a friend…when you said what you meant and you meant what you said.”

The song, “Simple Days”, is from his “The Day” album of 1996…a gift from my big brother… Am not the nostalgic type, no worry; at least not usually, but I have recently found myself posing periodically to take a deep breath and remember where we come from, where we are and where we are going.  More often than not, we make it harder on ourselves, life is indeed simple when we understand our purpose.  The challenge lies in doing the right thing, once we comprehend it is indeed the correct path and let go of our pride.


In any case, the bag is still in good condition as you can see above…it must now be 15 years old at least.  Any childhood memory you would like to share? Don’t forget the usual poll below!