Outfit Inspiration: Bright Purple, Jewels and pencils

Some outfits ideas below. As usual, let me know which you like best by taking our poll!

oi_jcrew_jeweled_sleveless_top_jeans_maria_sharapova_boots_4dec2013  OI_jcrew_snake_no_2_skirt_loft_sweater   oi_jcrew_dot_cashmere_swater_mona_pump_4dec13

jeans, boots and shirt / skirt and top / top and shoes


Outfit Inspiration: Swiss dots and Gingham

The weather has been fairly moody this week: unexpected warmth, rain then chilly wind.  The rain was screaming for some gingham so out came these Ralph Lauren boots purchased in Seattle, WA (note to self to visit Seattle when it is NOT raining).  I have paired them with the simple ponte peplum tee from J.Crew and some old BR skirt (I love the zipper effect created by pairing both items together).

The swiss dot tippi was a hot item last fall because of some celebrity wearing it (I want to say it was Katie Holmes, but not positively certain).  In any case, I was able to grab it on promo back then and am glad I did.

jcrew_tippi_swiss_dot_hm_skirt_oi_13nov13   jcrew_peplum_top_banana_republic_skirt_back_oi_13nov13 jcrew_peplum_top_banana_republic_skirt_oi_13nov13

Old H&M skirt and peplum top/boots/ swiss dot and Old BR skirt

On a side note, I saw these very cute gloves at Anthropologies…and they get cuter here (I personally prefer the red leather driving gloves!)


Let me know which outfits you like best by taking the usual poll below.  Also, make sure to checkout my very good friend’s wedding colors! I love how she mixed blue and red 😉

The article below is an interesting mix of polka dots and gingham…not bad!

Blue and Pink – OI 20 sept 2013

Unintentionally wore successive pinks and blues this week.  Just in case you are reading this post, Raj, no, not a pink fan 😉

Let me know which outfit you like best!

jcrew_polkadot_silk_target_sweater_jcrew_capri_cotton_16sept13 jcrew_hen_sweater_No2_skirt_shirt_17sept13 zara_skirt_top_blueUniform_17sept13

top/belt/pants  hen/shirt/skirt  top/skirt

Gabby top reviewed by Gigi here.