A&F: Christie Brown

How have I been going on so long without Christie Brown??!!?? The spotlight this week is on the Ghanian brand, and I very much love the outfits!!!! Fresh, elegant and very comfortable…I can see myself on so many of them! The Sissi file below! All images by Christie Brown.

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Sissi’s African Designer File

The Brand: Christie Brown

The IT Factor: Luxurious material, curves, classic silhouettes, tribal jewelry

The Inspiration: Luxury for the “modern woman who seeks a true taste of Africa”….how are we to take that? 🙂 The brand name is a tribute to Aisha’s grandmother.

The Designer Behind the Brand: Aisha Obuobi, from Ghana

Notable Awards: Emerging Designer of the Year Award in 2009 at the inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg, South Africa; Only Ghanaian label  to showcase in the Arise L’Afrique- a-Porter for the March 2010 Paris Fashion Week; Panel member of the 2010 “African Fashion Going Global” through the Africa Economic Forum hosted by Columbia University.  Christie Brown also mentioned by Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Arise (UK), Canoe 53 Sails, Black Hair (UK), Destiny (SA), and Glamour Magazine. Source

WebsiteChristie Brown

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Sissi’s Notes:  Simply beautiful! I love how the Christie Brown’s woman is elegant and confident.  And the rich colors and complex blacks…did I say beautiful?? My favorites below:




A&F: Designer spotlight on Duaba Serwa

My latest designer crush is on Duaba Serwa. Oh, how much in love I am 🙂 🙂


As usual, I was looking for the eBelandi’s designer of the week and came across a nice write-up by Afrobougee on the designer behind the brand, Nelly Hagan Aboagye.  I am inspired by those enterprising women who turned their interest for fashion into a concrete business despite already being successful in their career.  In the case of Nelly, she went from a trained surgeon nurse to an emerging designer.



My weekly spotlight below, all images credit to duabaserwa, Google Images and GhanaGossip.net

The Brand: Duaba Serwa

The IT Factor: Interesting use of geometric figures and colors, understated at times, vibrant, simple lines, comfortable style

The Inspiration: “Luxurious and Bold Effortless Beauty”.  Per

The Main DesignerNelly Hagan Aboagye

Notable Awards: WON African Fusion Designer of the Year at the GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievements) 2013 Awards, 2013 Glitz Africa Fashion Award for Couture Designer of the Year 2013.  NOMINATED for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 Awards Designer of the Year

Website: DuabaSerwa

Sissi’s Notes: The simplicity of her cuts mixed with very bright colors and geometric shapes is definitely refreshing.  Sad that the items cannot be purchased online yet (pre-order at $0 ?? ) but I am definitely following her progress!  Again, she is pretty inspiring.  Below an excerpt from an interview:

“Duaba Serwa, is simple sophistication. I prefer understatements to extravagance and believe there is beauty in simplicity. This is what you see, in every piece I make,” Nelly says.  “I have always been against the idea of angel investors and believe in growing my business organically. Every item purchased for my work is drawn from money that has been re-invested into the business from my own funds, which are generated from sales,” she says.

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