Review: Collection pleated eyelet dress by J.Crew

What: Collection Pleated Eyelet Dress by J.Crew


Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% cotton


Quality: Very good! Loving the look, the details, the fit…but not the price! You may be able to grab it for 30% off today though.


Fit: True to size.  The lining (under cami dress) is very thin so the dress may be a little see-through depending on the lighting…may need additional undergarments.


Sissi’s verdict: Keeper, if you can afford it.

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Weekend outfit: Eyelets and red

Pretty relaxing weekend and simple outfit. The dress was on super sale a while back at Madewell. Let me know what you think of the pairing with red.


Dress/sandals (MK, old)

You can see another pairing of this cute dress on WannabeFashionBlogger.

Weekend outfit: Eyelet and mint

I miss my mom 😦 😦 so was looking at some pictures we took last year while visiting the Academy of Music…Outfit below consists of old items (prior to 2012) and the outlet sweater from last year.  The beauty of keeping pictures is that now I am looking forward to wearing this combination again, per my style resolution for Spring 😉


eyelet dress (Banana Republic, old; alternative) — flats/sweater /belt (J.Crew, old)

Review: J.Crew Collection Garden Eyelet

Purchased this skirt a while back on the 40& off promo and I really like the fit and style! Review below:

IMG_6842 IMG_6843 IMG_6844 IMG_6845 IMG_6846

Pros: great style, in the moment lace/see-through; the lining is actually red (in the picture online it looked black), can be dressed up

Cons: not much, I may have wished a little longer length but I actually like that it reaches my knees just like the model on the J.Crew website

Fit: True to size; on me, it looks just like the sample pictures

Material: 100% cotton, 100% polyester lining

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper! Do you agree? Please share!