Review: Viv Metallic Bow Flats

Below is a review of the Viv Metallic Box flats from the Crew. In one picture below I show the silver against the gold of the Nora glitter pumps that I reviewed HERE.


Pros: nice leather, loving the bow which is just the right size (though smaller than the viv bow flats from a few seasons ago), very nice silver shine not overboard, comfortable, low toe-cleavage (which I do not mind but some do)

Cons: price…regular is outrageous, the coupon I used made them borderline OK but still too high in my opinion

Material: 100% metallic leather upper, 100% leather lining and sole

Fit: true-to-size to slightly tight

Alternative: Coach Wilma or Coach Wooster (but sandals)

Sissi’s Verdict: Undecided….would say keeper but only with more significant cut.  Otherwise, you can look for cheaper, and add your own bow clips 😉

Reviews – J.Crew pumps: everly, glitter and jeweled – 28 Oct 2013

During the 40% off promo, I purchased three pairs of shoes from J.Crew.  I ended up returning the everly pumps for an exchange, and am still undecided on the glitter and jeweled.  Let me know what you think!

Let’s start with the Everly Jeweled printed pumps:

jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_6 jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_5 jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_4 jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_3 jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_2 jcrew_everly_jeweled_dark_schwartz_pump_1

Pros: Nicely made, the print is unique and definitely stands out, moderate heel, comfortable, nice jewelry addition

Cons: fabric will peel off I fear, especially at the heel, jewelry and metallic accent may seem a little too much, price

Sissi’s verdict: undecided, leaning towards keeping.

Next, the Everly Leather Pumps in Vintage Murberry:

jcrew_pump_damaged_4 jcrew_pump_damaged_3 jcrew_pump_damaged_2 jcrew_pump_damaged_1

Pros: Nice leather, soft and high quality, moderate heel, comfortable, may be dressed up or down

Cons: I received them damaged (scratches all over….seriously?!? 😦 ); leather covered heel…so hard to maintain compared to wooden heels

Sissi’s verdict: Returned for exchange; will keep the exchange unless defective again

Finally, the Nora golden glitter ballet flats .

jcrew_nora_glitter_2 jcrew_nora_glitter_1

Pros: Comfortable, fun

Cons: Glitter will come off (choker!), runs large

Sissi’s verdict: undecided, leaning towards keeping.

What do you think? Please share!