Weekend: A trip to the MET Museum in NYC

Always good to learn about the past so that we make better decisions now and tomorrow…so made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

oi_weekend_ebelandi_metMuseum_19jan15_2 oi_weekend_ebelandi_metMuseum_19jan15_1

This time around, I was surprised to learn that this miniature statue is the oldest work of art, close to the ca 3,000 B.C. This would be close to the times of Adam and Eve…how could we have come from monkeys if by then, humans were able to create such refined works of art? Anyway, the statue is entitled “A striding figure with ibex horns”…a mixture of human and some animal.

oi_weekend_ebelandi_metMuseum_19jan15_4 oi_weekend_ebelandi_metMuseum_19jan15_3

The MET museum in NYC is always fun and informative (but why such an expensive lunch??). If you’re in NYC, please make a stop 😉

About my outfit, all old items: dress (I added some wax material for length 🙂 ) /scarf/coat/bag

Updated Jan 22nd 2015: I’d like to share a very good feedback I received from an anonymous reader.

Dear Ebelandi,
The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The oldest life forms that we know of (algae) are 3.5 billion years old. The oldest humans that we know of are 200,000 years old, approximately. Thus, the Met’s statuette is (relatively) not that old! There are much older examples of art, like 40,000 year old paintings in caves.
I love your sense of color!

And my response to the comment:

Hi anonymous, thank you for your feedback, and thanks for the compliment! Yes I agree that the earth is billions of years old but archaeology and anthropology have not been able to prove without a doubt that humans are indeed 200,000 years old. In fact, I seem to recall recently (2002 or so) that some scientists were arguing that the apes fossils may be just that, fossils of apes, not humans looking like apes. Nobody has been able to find when the apes transformed into humans. In fact, Dr. Robin Derricourt from a university in Australia admitted not long ago (2007 or so) that there is no consensus when it comes to fossils and their classifications. Bottom line, until science can prove with no doubt that the apes evolved to become humans, I choose to rely on what the bible story has described with details and dates when it comes to when and how humans appeared on earth.

If the bible story is indeed correct, then humans were created about 6,000 years ago (or about 4,000 years BC) and the statue would consequently be a proof that upon being created, humans did not need to evolve into various phases to master artifacts…Science has come to validate the bible story on many other occasions (spherical shape of earth, the exodus and separation of the red sea, succession of kings, etc.) and the more I read about fossils and evolution, the less I believe any of us descended from monkeys.