Review: Jimmy Choo Lyon Glitter Lame Kitten

Very sorry for taking this long.  Below is a review of these gorgeous and comfy pumps by The Choo!

Sissi’s Weekly Review – 12 November 2014

What: Lyon Glitter Lame Kitten by Jimmy Choo

Season: Summer 2014

Material: Glitter Lamé upper, leather lining and sole, padded cushion

Quality: Excellent.  Just beautifully made.  The glitter is fab without looking cheap, just the perfect amount and no powdery leftover (one thing I do not like about typical glitter shoes).  The heels are very low and covered with some type of metallic cover (hopefully will not chip).  Open toe is good, not overly exposing the toes 🙂 LOVE!

Fit: Small, need to size up.  The 11 was really a size 41 EU so was too small for me, the Saks store was able to enlarge the shoes to fit my big feet though. The shoes were so comfortable I wore them from 2PM to midnight non stop, even danced and all.


Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper!!! Price was high but soooo worth it for the wedding 😉

Phillip Lim for Target – Fall Collection 2013


In my first post for SissiFashion, I did mention that I would be on the look for green and navy blue as my go-to color combination for fall.  Being a tennis fan, I saw a picture of Maria Sharapova (no, am not a fan of her tennis but I do like her fashion sense) with a cute colorblock long-sleeved shirt and blue skirt.  It had a J.Crew feeling and so I checked…..and discovered that it is part of the Phillip Lim for Target upcoming fall collection!

See for yourself a preview of the collection HERE.

I have had my share of hits and misses when it comes to big designers pairing with low-cost retailers for a collection line.  Some examples: Versace for H&M was a big disappointment for me, and I waited in line!! Jimmy Choo for Target did not work, too polyesterish.  On the other hand, Neiman Marcus for Target was AWESOME!

As a result, I am excited but cautious about all the LIM for Target collection, we will see how it turns out….if I get an opportunity to even find an item!

Some background on Phillip Lim: Wikipedia.

If you are a Maria Sharapova tennis fan, sorry we will agree to disagree on her personality as a tennis player, but definitely agree on her style sense 😉

What do you think of Phillip Lim for Target? Let me know!