OI: Red, green, pink and black

Some outfit ideas below, let me know which you like best!


top/skirt/shoesskirt/top/shoes — skirt(thrifted real leather)/top — top(Zara,old)/pants/shoes

If you like the brocade metallic skirt, check out these cute outfits by MrsGlitzy.


Review: Viv Metallic Bow Flats

Below is a review of the Viv Metallic Box flats from the Crew. In one picture below I show the silver against the gold of the Nora glitter pumps that I reviewed HERE.


Pros: nice leather, loving the bow which is just the right size (though smaller than the viv bow flats from a few seasons ago), very nice silver shine not overboard, comfortable, low toe-cleavage (which I do not mind but some do)

Cons: price…regular is outrageous, the coupon I used made them borderline OK but still too high in my opinion

Material: 100% metallic leather upper, 100% leather lining and sole

Fit: true-to-size to slightly tight

Alternative: Coach Wilma or Coach Wooster (but sandals)

Sissi’s Verdict: Undecided….would say keeper but only with more significant cut.  Otherwise, you can look for cheaper, and add your own bow clips 😉