Review: Piqué and Maxi

Howdie! Below are two reviews: (1) The cotton piqué dress (a tennis dress really) that I promised to review few days back and  (2) The collection silk floral dress that was newly on sale.

Sissi’s Review


What: Cotton Piqué by J.Crew

Material: 100% cotton, polyester lining Quality: Good, sturdy cotton, white is more a creamy white in my opinion.  Really like it easily gets stained. The pleats are good. ebelandi_review_jcrew_tennis_dress_5aug14

Fit: Good and comfortable.  This is an easy fitting dress though am not quite sure about the location of the pleats but overall it works especially if purchased on super sale.  The dress is supposed to reach your knees.  I could not get a tall size so I purchased a regular which is a little over mid-thigh.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper…if on super sale.  Otherwise, I have a feeling you can find a similar style at a much affordable price point at H&M or Forever 21.  Have you tried on the dress? Please share!

number2_picture What: Collection Silk Floral by J.Crew

Material: 100% silk, I have not checked the lining but it is not clinging to the body so I would presume the lining is polyester…

Quality: Very nice silk.  The feel is great, and it is all flowy and all. ebelandi_review_jcrew_collection_silkfloral_dress_5aug14_3 ebelandi_review_jcrew_collection_silkfloral_dress_5aug14_2 ebelandi_review_jcrew_collection_silkfloral_dress_5aug14 Fit: Nice and easy fit.  I’d say you can size down but your regular size should work and leave you some room.  I love the ruffles and the longer length which hits right below my knees.  Above, I have paired the dress with a green belt but there is much more that can be done to fully use the floral patterns of the dress 🙂 It is a maxi dress but with a interesting twist thanks to the placement of the ruffles in front and back.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper…if on super sale.  While the quality may justify the price, I also feel one could get a similar pattern and style from other stores and still look just as good.  If you are after the quality, then I will recommend to track the dress down while on sale.  Otherwise, a stop at JC Penney or Marshalls should give you a similar look.  I saw some floral maxi dresses at TJ Maxx last weekend as well. Do you agree with my reviews? Please share!