Review: Lanie Stacked Heels by J.Crew


These heels had been on my watch list for a while (as you know, I love ankle shoes). ¬†Also, I was attracted by the stacked heel. Well, see the review below ūüôā

Sissi’s Review

What: Lanie Stacked-Heel Sandals by J.Crew

Material: 100% leather upper and lining, man-made sole.

Quality: Very good leather; sturdy heel; should last a long time if maintained properly. I also love the color, some neutral grey that could be matched with various outfit. Too bad this summer has been cool. Feels like Fall already!


Fit:¬†Great!¬†You can really feel the leather lining, almost similar to the Nike air technology by Cole Haan as far as comfort is concerned, at least to me. ¬†I like the stacked heel as it helps for balance because those heels are pretty high, they feel higher than four inches ūüôā

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper!.  Do you agree? Please share!

A&F: Designer Spotlight on Maki Oh!

Hi all!! This week, let’s look at some nice work by Maki Oh, a Nigerian based Fashion House ūüôā ¬†The Sissi’s file below!

Sissi’s African Designer File

The Brand: Maki Oh

The IT Factor: To me, what makes this brand unique is the use of ‘non-traditional’ African materials. ¬†As an example, I love how she has applied the Nigeria aso-oke fabric into her design. ¬†If you are in-between fashion, like most in Africa, you get a mix of both worlds

The Inspiration: “Challenge prevailing notions of beauty”. ¬†To me, it sounds more like everyday life. ¬†For the fall 2014 collection, the inspiration was madness. ¬†The brand’s main designer saw a woman in a mirror who looked half mad half normal…For summer 2014, the inspiration comes from splatter of blood and woman’s confusion regarding their place into society so they move from feminine to boyish ūüôā I wish I could see all that into her designs but when did I start to pretend to be that deep?

The Designer Behind the Brand: Amaka Osakwe.  Her biography is available on Wikipedia, but again am just inspired by her enterprising attitude

Country: Nigeria

Notable Awards: I could not find much within my deadline but as I get to know more about the brand, am sure to update the Sissi’s A&F File. ¬†Checkout some of their collection items over at Style.Com

Website: Maki-Oh

Sissi’s Notes: The collection items are very much western or metropolitan to me, but I like the nice touch of material other than the Dutch Wax print. ¬†Am inspired by some outfits and not as much by others, but overall, one more designer on my watch list. ¬†Some of my favorites below.

MakiOh_fall14_2 MakiOh_fall14_3 MakiOh_fall14_4 MakiOh_fall14_5 MakiOh_sum14_1 MakiOh_sum14_2 MakiOh_sum14_3 MakiOh_sum14_4 MakiOh_sum14_5 MakiOh_fall14_1

Review: BHLDN Classic Chandelier Earrings

Tried on the classic chandeliers earrings from Beholden (soldout now), below is the review.

Sissi’s Review


What: Classic Chandelier Earrings by BHLDN

Material: Cotton, glass, metallic thread, sterling silver and suede backing.  Like the Lattice bracelet reviewed here, the suede feels nice on the skin

Quality: Average. Again, the design is beautiful but it just does not match the price.

Fit:¬†Comfortable. The earrings are huge so they are definite statement pieces. ¬†Also, they have quite a lot of sparkle, you definitely won’t get unnoticed!

Sissi’s Verdict: Return. Love the design, the sparkle for the occasion and the fit, but something is just not talking to me so returning.  Have you tried on those earrings?Please share!

Weekend Outfit: Pinks and Yellow Vlisco Print – 24 Dec 2013

Hi all, this was my outfit to a convention this weekend.  Let me know what you think!  The print is a mixture of green, yellow, pink and navy blue.  I do not recall the name of the fabric but will do some research.  It is a Vlisco super wax print.

weekend_outfit_african_dress_24dec2013 copy