Designer of week: Gavin Rajah

The BrandGavin Rajah


All pictures on this post are courtesy of Gavin Rajah

The IT Factor: Eclectic

The Inspiration: Nothing much I could find unfortunately. Lots of lace and form fitting outfits, few sarees as well. Not what you expect from a typical “African” designer and I love it, showcasing richness of cultures within the large continent.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0202_GavinRajah_w387_h580-bd03abad34 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0223_GavinRajah_w387_h580-153f457f93

The Designer Behind the Brand: Gavin Rajah, nothing more on him apart for his work for UNICEF per wikipedia

Country of origin: South Africa

Notable Awards: None that I could find

Website:Gavin Rajah

Where to buy:Gavin Rajah

Sissi’s Notes: Wish there were more details on this designer 😦 but some of my favorites below.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0278_GavinRajah_w387_h580-408a350c62 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0249_GavinRajah_w387_h580-45cbedffa8 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0205_GavinRajah_w387_h580-127cb123b4 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0220_GavinRajah_w387_h580-e87559393b

A&F: Designer spotlight on “Loin Cloth & Ashes”

This week, the spotlight is on Loin, Cloth and Ashes, the brand by Anisa Mpungwe. Her design are very modern, not exactly what you will expect to be “African” but again Africa is a continent with a multitude of cultures and tastes.  However, you get the see the Ankara prints, the love of color, the form-fitting designs, use of sandy neutrals, and the colorful accessories.

The brand is fairly new as Anisa opened her first store in 2012 at the age of 28 years but she is motivated and we will certainly hear more from her. Some of my favorites from her line below, and the Sissi File further down.

All images credit to:

loinclothashes_4 loinclothashes_3 loinclothashes_2

The Sissi African Designer File

The Brand: Loin, Cloth and Ashes

The IT Factor: Very modern cuts and bright colors, edgy comfort for the “independent” women 🙂

The Inspiration: “Dare to be different”.  Anisa takes her inspiration from music, art, mood swings ( 🙂 ), color, shape, Africa.

The Designer Behind the Brand: Anisa Malembo Mpungwe

Notable Awards: WON 2008 Elle New Talent Competition (in association with a Mr. Price) and became first Black female to do so



Sissi’s Notes: Anisa is emerging, again an inspirational enterprising woman and it is great to see. She was invited to present her design at a Mercedes Benz show, so she is definitely moving up.  I am not wowed by her clothes yet but I love the fluidity in movement they inspire.  Am definitely smitten by her accessories 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more from her brand!


Afrique & Fashion: David Tlale

David Tlale is a South-African designer who is making a name for himself.  It has been confirmed that he has signed a contract with Vlisco to design African print for their upcoming collection, AND he is one of the judges of Africa’s Next Top Model Cycle I (you know, the America’s Next Top Model chain in Africa, which began this past Sunday Nov 10th 2013, with model Oluchi Onweagba as host).

I had not heard of David Tlale until this month, so I was pleasantly surprised by some of his designs. Some of my favorites below.

david_tlale_NYFW_2012 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_3 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_2 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_1

Images courtesy of HufftingtonPost

I will be on the watch from now on!! Do you know of David Tlale? If so, do share! His website HERE.