Phillip Lim @ Target Unveiled – 24 Sept 2013

Finally got to visit my local Target to checkout the Phillip Lim collection….disappointment.  I did not wait in line (should have?), which explains why there was nothing much left in store for the women’s line.  The men’s however boasted blazers – ‘Sports coat, miss, not blazers’ someone told me….really? 🙂 – shirts , shoes and sweaters.

The leftovers on the women’s line were polyester tops and dresses.  The non-polyester items I was looking forward to, and may consider purchasing online, were the BOOM sweater, the orange leopard bag and the Navy/Green pullover sweater.   Pictures of my store disappointment below.

Were you able to visit Target for the Phillip Lim collection? How was your experience?

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Phillip Lim for Target – Fall Collection 2013


In my first post for SissiFashion, I did mention that I would be on the look for green and navy blue as my go-to color combination for fall.  Being a tennis fan, I saw a picture of Maria Sharapova (no, am not a fan of her tennis but I do like her fashion sense) with a cute colorblock long-sleeved shirt and blue skirt.  It had a J.Crew feeling and so I checked…..and discovered that it is part of the Phillip Lim for Target upcoming fall collection!

See for yourself a preview of the collection HERE.

I have had my share of hits and misses when it comes to big designers pairing with low-cost retailers for a collection line.  Some examples: Versace for H&M was a big disappointment for me, and I waited in line!! Jimmy Choo for Target did not work, too polyesterish.  On the other hand, Neiman Marcus for Target was AWESOME!

As a result, I am excited but cautious about all the LIM for Target collection, we will see how it turns out….if I get an opportunity to even find an item!

Some background on Phillip Lim: Wikipedia.

If you are a Maria Sharapova tennis fan, sorry we will agree to disagree on her personality as a tennis player, but definitely agree on her style sense 😉

What do you think of Phillip Lim for Target? Let me know!