Weekend: Green and jewels

Sunshine after the mix of rain and snow! A review of the pretty pumps tomorrow 😉

oi_weekend_ebelandi_26jan15_2 oi_weekend_ebelandi_26jan15_1dress (great review here)/shirt (retail review here/ Gigi’s review of factory version here/belt/shoes


Review: J.Crew Collection Pencil Skirt with Leather

My last purchase with the extra 40% off was the Collection No.2 Pencil Skirt in leather-tipped double serge wool.  Undecided if I should keep this, I think I should go with one size down…but I may lose the length. Let me know what you think.


Outfit details: top and skirt

jcrew_leather_tipped_skirt_pencil_no2_wool_gray_1 jcrew_leather_tipped_skirt_pencil_no2_wool_gray_2 jcrew_leather_tipped_skirt_pencil_no2_wool_gray_3

Pros: True to size, knee-length (am 6 feet), great quality on wool and leather, comfortable, tucked-in style most likely to showcase the leather panel at the waist

Cons: none really, the skirt matched my expectations

Sissi’s verdict: great skirt, a potential keeper

Do you agree? Please tell!