Designer spotlight: Fenix Couture

The BrandFenix Couture


The IT Factor: Bright colors and structured lines with the expected Dutch wax prints

The Inspiration: Per the website, the label is inspired by nature, “which is reinterpreted to render its designs in dramatically romantic prints and imagery. The goal of the Label is to bridge the gap between print wax materials and other materials in the consciousness of the fashion world”


The Designer Behind the Brand: Josephine Akioyamen, Nigerian-born with formal education at Nicky Africana Fashion School in Lagos and at the George Brown College in Toronto Canada

Country of origin: Nigeria – Canada

Notable Awards: None that I could find

Website: Fenix Couture

Where to buy: Fenix Couture Online Shop

Sissi’s Notes: I love the structured looks because they say classy, polish and feminine without being overtly sexy. My favorites above and below. All images courtesy of

fenixcouture_3 fenixcouture_4

Afrique et Fashion: Stella Jean @

The African Designer of the week: the collection by Stella Jean for  The collection uses the usual dutch wax print, and the lines are pretty but I will be honest, I have never spent $500 on an African outfit and am not about to start today! Seriously!

However, money is a relative topic, so if your budget is more flexible than mine, please consider some of their pretty designs below with corresponding link to Farfetch website.

Tulipano Dress:

Stella Jean2

Shell print skirt:

Stella Jean3

Woven print pants:

Stella Jean1