October Challenge: Bridesmaid Look

Weddingtonway is hosting an October Style Challenge to honor Bridal Fashion Week (see Alexandra’s post here for details on the challenge).

I was invited to participate and now that I have had so much training the past few months preparing for my wedding 🙂 below, am presenting my selected look using the WTOO7521 bridesmaid dress (see all their dresses here).

Weddington Way Challenge – My best Bridesmaid look

If I was maid of honor to a wedding again, and was given the choice to pick a dress and the whole look, I would go for one dress paired with various accessories between ceremony and reception. To avoid too much of a bridal look, I would clear away from white bouquet.  The looks below could also be used for a bride in my opinion.

The look(s):


Images courtesy of links provided under details below.

The details:

Look 1 – Ceremony: dress, shoes, topper (love this one too but more “bride” than ‘maid”), flowers, earrings, sash, hair&makeup, bracelet, nails.  The budget would be about $1,000.  Note on the topper: I do not like the sash effect at the back so I would cut the extra material from the topper and instead turn it into a button with very small hole to close it out. And would use the sash on top instead to complete the look 🙂 Oh, if a bride is to choose this look, she may want to add this veil and use this sash instead 🙂 As far as hair, I like the simple low bun with a nice rouge on lips (for bride, maybe nude for ceremony and rouge for reception 😉 )

Look 2 – Reception: same as Look 1 minus the topper! If a bride were to pick same dress, then I would advise she changes the earrings to these and remove veil for this accessory instead and add this clutch😉

Actual Sissi’s Bridesmaid wedding looks

For my wedding, my matron of honor wore the “Award Winner Gown” by Badgley Mischka (obtained via Rent the Runway).  My bridesmaids used the Alfred Sung D530 dress in Daffodil peau de soie (also available at WeddingtonWay here) with silver/diamond earrings and bracelet from Laila Rowe. My singing maids wore Dutch wax outfits.


ljbabe_08302014-1118 lbabe_singingmaid_challenge_1

If you want details on my wedding dress, visit my review post here. I will be reviewing my wedding shoes next week 🙂 Stay tuned!

What do you think of my picks? Please critique!

Review: Super Rich by Reem Acra

For my wedding a month ago, I picked the gorgeous Super Rich wedding dress by Reem Acra from her Fall 2013 collection. All pictures below are a property of eBelandi and Escudero Photography. All rights reserved.


I did not try that many dresses, in fact, to be completely honest, I only tried on two dresses, both by Reem.  I had been assigned on Wedding Magazine duty by a dear friend of mine because she was terrified I would mess up my wedding due to my like of “girl” sense.  You see, as much as I strive to look like a girl, there are girly stuff I do not enjoy, such as dreaming of a wedding when am nine years old 🙂 I had no idea what dress I wanted but I knew I did not want lots of material and tying the train.  So, on magazine duty I was for a while, then got bore until I saw designs by Reem Acra.  They looked so feminine and simple without the extra structure that I disliked.

I had initially settled on this long sleeved dress below from Spring 2013, but when I visited the Elizabeth Johns store for a Reem Acra trunk show, the dress was not available.  They had a few dresses by Reem for her 2014 collection but most were wayyyyyyy out of my budget until I saw the Open Back dress from Spring 2013 and the Super Rich and tried both on…and LOVED both of them.  I debated for a long time whether to purchase both and wear one during the ceremony and the second for the reception but sanity (and our budget) took over and settled on the Super Rich, mainly because it just fit so right and I loved what I saw in the mirror (and Debbie Feehan, who was helping me with the pick, gave her honest approval lol).  If you are interested in pictures of my wedding, feel free to visit my wedding blog LJBABE. In the meantime, review below:

Sissi’s weekly Review: Super Rich by Reem Acra Fall 2013


WhatSuper Rich wedding dress by Reem Acra


Season: Fall 2013 Bridal Collection

Material: 100% silk upper, rhinestones all over bodice and tulle at bottom


Quality: Excellent.  The silk is substantial without being overweight.  The rhinestones on the dress are of quality and the beading work is exquisite. The dress was really worth the money.  One difference formt he runaway model is that the beading on the back are not as pronounced as the runaway model.  I was told that after the dress went on production, the designer noticed that the extra beads on the back placed on the illusion open back caused the mesh to tear.  The beads are still the same design but with less of a pronounced back-cleavage.


Fit: True to size.  I lost a little weight prior to my wedding but the dress still hug the body though the upper had more space at the waist.  I had the dress custom fit so as not to worry about the length.  The only con is the chiffon tulle at the bottom.  There are so many layers that it gets difficult to avoid people from walking on your dress so you need to be careful of that.  I was able to dance though and move just as usual, never felt the weight of the dress.  And the sparkle with the reception lights…LOVED the look, and hubby did too.

Sissi’s Verdict: Worth every penny.  I would suggest to look for second hand dresses as I was able to find two online and at preowned wedding dress website.  However, I am a weird fit due to my height, therefore I did not go for it as alterations on such an intricate design would have cost a lot more than simply buying a custom fit from the store…

Do you have a Reem Acra dress? What’s your experience? Please share!

Paris Fashion Week Septembre 2013: Trends to watch – Part I: Lace and See-Through (15 Oct 2013)

The city of lights once again hosted its Fashion Week last September, for Spring Summer 2014 ready-to-wear lines.

There were many interesting designs (really, what was that, LVFH) and lots of nostalgia, if attached to the brand (Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton, after 16 years as creative director and head designer, to focus on his own brand).

As I looked through thousands of pictures and videos online, ten main trends caught my eyes:

  1. Sheer and lace
  2. Rich hues
  3. Classic (conventional) lines
  4. African/middle eastern/Azteq accents
  5. Fresh-faced makeup
  6. Pretty shoulders out
  7. Flutted skirts
  8. Minimalist accessories and hair
  9. Baroque extravagance
  10. Black

In this first post, I will focus on trend (1).  My subsequent posts will expand on the remaining trends.

Sheer and Lace:

I am particularly fond of sheer/lace materials.  When properly used, they convey seduction without being vulgar or tacky.  We have seen an eruption of lace wedding dresses (all credits to Kate Middleton?)  However, the trend did not seem to hold enough steam for non bridal wear.  Well, the runways at the PFW certainly offered a variety of see through details for dresses, tops and even skirts; from lace to fishnet to extra-sheer silk.

Notes by Sissi:

  • Reminder to wear a see-through top beneath a jacket
  • Simple lace top with fitted pants or skirts
  • Subtle lace for dresses
  • New designer to note: Isabel Marant
  • Favorite delivery on the trend: Eli Saab!

Some of my favorites looks below (all pictures credits to wwd.com):



Stella McCartney:

 stella-m-cartney-037_PFW_SS2014 stella-m-cartney-035_PFW_SS2014


valentino-014_PFW_SS2014  valentino-020_PFW_SS2014


chloe-014_PFW_SS2014  chloe-030_PFW_SS2014

Eli Saab:

e-saab-001_PFW_SS2014 e-saab-058_PFW_SS2014 e-saab-012_PFW_SS2014e-saab-006_PFW_SS2014 e-saab-004_PFW_SS2014

Isabel Marant:

i-marant10_PFW_SS14 i-marant05_PFW_SS14

And a Sissi Voted NO-NO: Louis Vuitton