Review: Riley Pleated Cuff Shirt

I saw those pretty sleeves and hit the “Buy” button! Review below. In case you wonder, the skirt and shoes I have on are J.Crew oldies. There’s an updated version of the houndstooth skirt that I will review next week, stay tuned!

What: Riley-Pleat Tailored Fit Pleated Cuff Shirt by Banana Republic

When: Winter 2016

How (Material): 100% cotton, no lining.


Why (Pros):

  1. Look: Super cute, loving the “fan” effect at the cuff.
  2. Comfort: Pretty comfy. The sleeves may get a little annoying or a little if you are giving a presentation.
    ebelandi_riley_br_shirt_1 ebelandi_riley_br_shirt_2
  3. Quality: Good quality. It’s a light and sheer cotton but do not require a cami underneath.
  4. Sizing: True to size, even though the cuffs did not reach my wrist despite purchasing a tall size.

Why Not (Cons): Nothing much.

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper! What do you say?

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